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Our Vision

  • A connected community of friends, families, and neighbors

  • A place for children and their families to learn, grow, and play together

  • A commitment to inclusion and a sense of belonging

  • Support for families in sustaining a close emotional bond with their children


Why families love our school

“The sense of community that Willa builds and provides for not only the kids but also the parents is a big part of what makes this school so special. Whether it is through discussions at the monthly meetings or through the school activities being updated to address specific needs, our family always felt very supported when we brought up challenges we were facing as parents. This was especially appreciated during the pandemic. To be seen, accepted, and heard is very empowering for children, and that is the environment that Willa gives each child a chance to experience and grow in. It is also the set of expectations they take with them into the world after they graduate from Willa."

"Willa is more than just a playschool for children. It is a haven for entire families. Our four total years spent at Willa helped shape our entire lives as a family. Not only did we make wonderful lifelong friends but we got to experience the magic of a teacher; a magic that truly cannot be put into words. Our children thrived under her calm, creative, adventurous, flexible and child-led hand. We, as parents, continually witnessed and learned from an absolute master of gentle, kind, and respectful child-rearing. The teacher makes it all look like fun and games and Grilled Cheese Trucks but she is truly helping raise both children and parents. We are now nearly a decade removed from our time at Willa and yet the school and teacher regularly come up in conversation. I can guarantee you will feel sad when your child has to leave Willa, but rest assured, Willa will never leave you."

Alex H.

Mary Hill
Parent of Finley & Baker

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